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Redd Sound Studios is a full service professional recording facility located in Bucks County, PA. Our passion for audio shines through in every recording we produce or project we mix. We offer our clients a comfortable and enjoyable experience while they capture, create and get inspired with our top-of-the-line analog and digital tools.

ADDA Converters

The heart and of any modern recording studio is the Analog to Digital & Digital to Analog conversion platform utilized.  It is essentially the engine of the vehicle you are driving.  If you want a sports car then you need a high performance engine that can deliver you the clear-pristine-warm and dynamic results you desire.  Redd Sound studios proudly is using the Top of the line Apogee Symphony ADDA units with over 32 simultaneous Analog and Digital inputs/Outputs.


The studio's microphone is packed with many options to capture your project.  There is at least sixteen large diaphragm condenser mics and several small diaphragm condenser mics match in pairs for stereo recording as well as Twenty industry standard dynamic mics.  All of these from names you know and trust from Neuman, AKG, Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser,  EV, MXL, Peavey, etc.


Redd Sound Studios utilizes a full featured industry standard IOS/MAC based Cubase Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and Waves Mastering Suite that offers the versatility and quality any large studio can provide  This system provide powerful automation, audio editing, timing, midi and layering capabilities as well as a vast library of wonderful effect and processor plug-ins that can achieve the sound you are looking for. 

Audio transfer and digital files conversion can also be handled via the 1/2" 8-track Analog reel to reel tape machine, ADAT and DAT tap machines, standard cassette, record player as well as CD-W recorders and DVD-W recorders still in working order in the studio.   


Another very important very important link in the recording chain is not just the microphone you choose but what it is connected to in order to squeeze every once of gold out of what the microphone is trying to record.  Choosing high end class -A  built pre-amplifiers engineered with the tried and true vantage and modern components ensures you have an easy time getting great results.  No sense in struggling for hours to make a mediocre device work when you can drive the sports car across the finish line much faster.  Redd sound studios has deployed just such gear with names such as Focusrite, Avalon, Universal Audio, Drawmer, DBx, TC-Electronics, Lexicon, Pre-Sonus, Rane, Mackie, Art, BBE, Hush, etc. 

In house for your use is a very nice baby grand piano sitting in a very nice even and smooth room with wood floors and high ceilings.  This room is great for strings son as violin, cello, harp as well as a full horn section. 

Large versatile drums set (14x7 wood snare, 10x9 Tom1, 12x10 Tom2, 14x12 Tom3/Floor1, 16x14 Floor2 and a 22x15 Kick. Double or single kick pedal, Zildjian Rock hi-hat cymbals and several smaller piccolo snare drums. Many other world percussion items even a xylophone!    

Several Marshall and Mesa Boogies amps and preamps, effects processers and speaker cabinets available as well as many electric and acoustic guitars as well as a fretted and fretless bass!


Top of the line Focal monitors match with Focal Subs provide the main mix A position couple with tried and true Tannoy monitors for mix position B.  Several full size listening rooms are on site as well.

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